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Honorariums & Tribute Gifts

The Community Foundation has received tributes and
honorariums for the following organizations and individuals:

2017 Honorariums:  

Jerry Dooley's birthday
Kate Kollinger
Allen Lueking's 75th birthday
Garrett A. Pendergast
Lindsey Richardt
JoAnne Rowe
Charlotte Shike for Mother's Day
Paul & Shari Sinders
Terry & Beth Tevlin


2016 Honorariums:  

Mary Ellen Adams
Dr. Eric Bennett
Dr. Noamon Botros
Nancy Bradford
Susan Bradford
Dr. James R. Buechler
Mary Ann Carroll
Dr. Thomas Conway
Dr. James Cristee
Dr. Sisir Dhar
Dorothy Drummond
Liza Feinsod
Bill Foote
Friar Davio
Friar Mario
Friar Mark
Elizabeth Gilman
Dr. William Green
Peggy Grub
Dr. Maleakal S. Mathew
Craig and Diann McKee
Dale & Nancy McKee's 60th Wedding Anniversary
Harold and Malinda Medsker
Dr. Robert Meissel

Dr. Pulkit J. Patel, MD
Dr. Shashikant S. Patel
Ellen Quist
Joyce Rauwerdink
Carolyn Rooney
Wilmadean Schepper-Baker
Dr. William Scully
Dr. William Shriner
Paul and Shari Sinder's 50th Wedding Aniversary
Carolyn Steinbaugh
Dr. William Strecker
Barbara Vogel
Dr. Roger West
Dr. Anna M. Zimmerman M.D.
Dr. Karla Zody

2015 Honorariums:  
Dr. Eric Bennett
Matt Blair's Kiwanis Club Presidency 2014-15
Dr. Noamon Botros
Nancy Bradford
Susan Bradford
Susan & George Brattain's 50th Wedding Anniversary
David A. Brentlinger
Dr. James R. Buechler
Dr. Thomas Conway
Dr. James Cristee
Susie Dewey
Elizabeth Gilman
Dr. William Green
Mary Dell Hood
Noah Horowitz's 8th birthday
Raymond Lopez's 80th birthday
Teri & Ken Lorenz

Harold & Malinda Medsker
Dr. Robert Meissel
David & Jerry Penman Mitchell
Sister Norma Rose
Jim Pendergast  
Richard & Joanne Rowe
Wilmadean Schepper-Baker
Dr. William Scully
Charlotte Ann Taylor Shike's Birthday
Dr. William Shriner
Tara & Patrick Sims's marriage
Carolyn Steinbaugh
Twelve Points #528 O.E.S. Shut-ins
Barbara Vogel
Dr. Robert West

2014 Honorariums:  

Dr. Mary Ellen Adams
Frank & Polly Anshutz
Lib Barnhart's 90th brithday
Larry Bird
Nancy Bradford
Randy Brown
Susie J. Dewey
Eastern Star Shut-ins
Carol Etling's birthday
Susie Fischer
Emily & John Gedrick's 50th Wedding Anniversary
E. A. Gilman
Sarah Glendening
Mr. & Mrs. Armand Gottardi's 60th Wedding Anniversary
Noah Horowitz's 8th birthday
Paul R. and Sharon L. Kiefer
Harold & Malinda Medsker
Lu & Laney Meis
David & Jerry Penman Mitchell

John Mutchner
John T. Myers
Fred Nation
Curt Pendergast's birthday
Marilyn Pendergast's Grandchildren
Richard & JoAnne Rowe
Carolyn Steinbaugh
Emma L. Thompson
VNA and Hospice of the Wabash Valley Staff
Barbara A. Vogel
Budd and Carrie Werneke
David J. Wulf

2013 Honorariums:  

Dr. Mary Ellen Adams
Nancy Bradford's birthday
Susan Brattain
Susie Dewey
Mr. James A. Doti and Mrs. Donna Doti
Kent Harris
Kent & Judy Harris' 50th Wedding Anniversary
Lynn Hayes's birthday
Dr. Neal Heape's Retirement

Chuck & LaDonna Howard's 40th Wedding Anniversary
Christy Knotts
Layla Knotts
Michael Lawson
Elaine Marheine
John Mutchner
Todd Newman
Robert E. "Lane" Price
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Schroeder
Tom & Carol Templeton
Jane Wood
David J. Wulf

2012 Honorariums:  

Bruce and Nancy Brentlinger's
Susie Dewey
William Drummy
Rev. Gene Gilbreath
    and Jason Gilbreath
Birth of Patrick James
Luke Allen Mansard's 1st Birthday

Lea Long's Birthday
   and for all her love and kindness
Harold Paul Loveall Foundation
Dale McKee's Birthday
John Flak and Lou Petrulis
Don Scott and Susan Templeton Scott
Barbara Vogel

2011 Honorariums:  

Susan Brattain
Walter Sommer's 90th Birthday
L. Bird's Birthday
Justice Ben Overton
The Bird Family at Christmas Time
Susie Dewey
Chuck & LaDonna Howard

Ellen & Paul Hayes

Lorene Pigg
In honor of Mother's Day
Randy Keyes
Ron Prettyman for being the
   Athletic Director of the Year
In honor of all the great Dad’s
   in the Bird & Mattingly Families
Dr. Joseph G.S. Weber on his birthday

2010 Honorariums:  

E.A. Gilman's birthday
Mary Jensen Levite's birthday
Tom & Kay Hunt
Larry Bird's birthday

The whole Bird Family at Christmas
Beth Tevlin's birthday

2009 Honorariums:

Joan Abegg's Retirement 
Sullivan High School
    of 1943 Cooper Foundation
Emma Thompson
Joseph F. Archer
    recieving his 33rd degree
Lois Andrews
Scott Stephens, M.D.'s
    marriage to Amy DeZaun, M.D.
Doctor & Mrs. Steve Channel's Marriage
Dana Berry

L. Bird
Beverly Cristee
Susie Dewey's birthday
Bill Drummy's birthday
Don Goltry's birthday
Jean Geitz Jennings birthday
Patricia Minins/Joseph C. Minnis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Chip Sinders
Fred & Nancy Nation
Susie Thompson

2008 Honorariums:

Katherine Bledsoe-Athrens
Connor Bird's Birthday 2008
L. Bird for Father's Day 2008
Becky Drummy
Bill Drummy's 60th Birthday
Pamela J. Hild

Martha Nyatava
The Members of the Orchestra who
   helped the Clinton Presbyterian Church
Cliff Rowe
Laura Savage
Emma L. Thompson

2007 Honorariums:

Dr. Karen Andrews
The Bird Family at Christmas
Conner Bird's Birthday 2007
Larry & Joe Bird Father's Day
Larry Bird's 50th Birthday
Mariah Bird's Birthday 2007
Mariah Bird's Graduation
Rex Buntain's 50th Birthday
Susie Dewey's 89th Birthday
Ms. Katy Drummy
Norma Lemmon Evans
   85th Birthday

Mary Levite
Sister Joan Leseinski
Mary Beth Lynch
Paul & Betty Pfister
David Piker's Retirement
Pediatric Surgical Associates
Emma L. Thompson
Joseph A. Weist
Frances Cole Westrup
John Woelfle's 60th Birthday