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Carol Raab
Kenneth Raab
Luther Raab
Barbara Joann Ragle

Joan Ragle
Rev. Donald Raih
Anna Rainey
George A. Ralston, Jr.
Richard Ralston
Georgia E. Ramer
Harry C. Ramer
Earl Ramsey
Glenice Ramsey
Alan Rankin
Albert Rardin
Gladys Rasberg
Herman H. Rassel, Jr.
Mary Catherine Rassel
Mabel F. Rassie
Robert S. Ratcliffe
Abby Raubuck
Curtis Raubuck
John Rawlingson
Bill Ray
Christopher Todd Ray
Goldie Ray
Peggy Ray
Robert Ray
Herman 'Fritz' Readinger

Marcia Readinger
Randy Readinger
Ronald W. Reagan
Sarah E. Reagan
Charles Reberger
Gwenneth D. Rector

Ernest "Herb" Redman, Jr.
Barbara A. Reece
Betty Jean Reed
Georgia Lee Reed
Helen Reed
Mark Reed
Mary Kay Reed
Thomas R. Reed
Viola Westrup Reed

William Reed
Barbara A. Reece
Eddith Reeves
Mary Edith Reeves
Roy Reeves

Judith Bell Rehimel
Robert W. Rehmel
Elise Reiman
Mary Reiss
Roxie Rentschler
Ann Gettinger Retseck
Michael A. Reynolds
Dorothy Reynolds
Richard J. Reynolds, Jr.
Steven Allan Rials

Jeremy Rice
Clay Rich
Randolph M. Rich

Beverly Ann Richardson
Janette Richardson

Robert Richeson

Carl Riddle
Oscar Rigdon, Jr
Donald Riggen
Charles Robert Riggs
Jerry Ring
Peggy J. Ringo
Eugene A. Roach

Ivan Roach
Alan Roads

Charlotte Roan
Betty Stearley Robbins
Catherine Robbins
Dan Robbins
Jackie Robbins
Rob Robbins
Fred Earl Roberts, Sr.
Glenn Tyler Roberts
Thomas W. Roberts
Geneva Robertson

Shari Robertson
Carmen Robinson
Larry Robinson
Nancy Robinson
Sammie D. Robinson
Eleanor A. Robling
Alana "Lanie" Rene Roby
Carl Rodgers
Earl Rodgers
Frances Lucille Thomas Hayword
Aaron Rogers
Dwane D. Rogers
Jack Roetker
Pearl Rodgers
Tim Rogers
Camden Scott Romas
Rachel Marie Romas
Robert 'Bob' Romas
Ralph Rooksberry
Doris Rose
Bette Rose
Hilda Rosenfeld
Harry 'Butch' Roth
Cody Thomas Rothrock
Richard & Joanne Rowe
Burton D. Rowlett
David Rowlett
Edith Royer
Mary Gard Royer
Eleanor Royse
Ambrose and Miriam Rubey
Robert Ruddell
C. Gene Rudy
Sgt. Gene Rudy
Jason Rundel
Brad Rusin
Carla Rusk
Jerry A. Russell
Nora Mae Walters Horner Rust
Mary Lee Ryan

Patrick J. Ryan


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