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Ben Falber
Devona Rose Cunningham Fancher
Mary Kathryn Farmer
Earl Farris
Harry Farris, Jr.
Kenneth C. Farris
Ruth Fassino
Jim Favre
Marie Favre
June A.Fawley
William E. Fawley
Howard "Phil" Fay
Dr. Robe Fazekas
Charles E. Fears
Dorothy M. Fears
Jason Allen Fell
Edward Aaron Felling
Maxine Felling
Allen Felstein
Millie D. Felstein
Bill Fenoglio
Melba Fenoglio
Bill Fenton

Albert Ferency
Anita Ferency
Bud Ferguson
Charles T. Ferguson
D.M. "Topsy" Ferguson
Sara Ferguson
Don Ferrand
Eleanor Fick
Mabel Fields
Cecil "Blackie" Fifer
Gayle Ann Findley
Rose Finley

Robert Finzel

Carolyn Sue Fischer
Hans Fischer
Mary Fischer
Harry Edwards Fiscus
Orren L. Fisher

Sharon Kay Fisher
Sheila Ann Fisher
Ann Marie Fisk
Sally Fisk
Erline Fitzgerald
Irene Morris Fleschner
Larry Paul Fleschner
Hilda Anderson Flinn
Gy Flom

Janet Flowers
Patricia Flowers
Gay Floyd
Russell Floyd
Doris Followell
Thomas T. Followell
Mark T. Foote

Jo Ann Forbes
Robert Forbes
David A. Ford
Jean Foltz
Jerome Fougerousse
Charles Fouty
Patricia "Pat" Fouty
C. Joseph Fowler
Michael B. Fowler
Harold L. Fox
Jack Richard Fox
Robert E. Francis
Thomas L. Francis
David Frantz
Francis Corrine Frantz
Welby Franz
Billie Jean Frazer
Bob "B.K." Frazier
Holly Frazier
Sidona Z. Frazier

Walter Frazier
Cindy Frazier Reschke
Dr. Donald B. Fread
Jane Fread
Jane Ann Fread
John & Jean Freed
Harry Frey
Michael Frederick
Jean Freed
Dr. John E. Freed, Jr.
Don H. French
Jerry Friedrich
Lindsay Deak Friedman
Friends and Family
Marie Fromme
Norma Frump
Jack Fry
Lorene Fudge
Joan Fuelle
John Fuelle
Patti Dye Fuller
Marie Fultz
Virgil Fultz
Gerald Lynn "Jerry" Funk
David Fuson
Esten D. Fuson
Harold Fuson
Norma Fuson

Bruce Fuqua
Kelly Fuqua


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