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Manuel Cacdac
Jerome Cachevki

Marie Louise "Betty" Cachevki

Dorothy Cahill
Marguerite Cahill
Tony & Dorothy Cahill
Marsha M. Caldwell

Mike Callons
Gerald M. Calvert, Jr.
Pat Calvert
Dr. Betty J. Campbell
Gregory R. Campbell
Grace Canada
Dorothy Ilene Candle
James Morton Cannon
Camilla Carbon
Elizabeth Ellen Cardwell
Harold "Hap" Carmichael
Dr. James Carmichael
Dr. Marvin D. Carmony
Marian C. Carney
Sara Mae "Sally" Carpenter
George & Margaret Carroll
Margaret Carroll
Holly Jo Carlson
Charles Carter
James Carter
Dorothy Carty
Jack Carty
Virginia K. Cash
Jim Case
Charles Casey
Robert A. Casey
Wilda "Jean" Cates
Edith Catte
Margie Cauldwell
Robert E. Causey

Frank Cercos
Margaret P. Chadwick
Jan Chait
Pete Chalos
Nancy Ann Chambers
Buena Chaney
Linda Stigler Chaney
Chloe Charley
Janet Romine Chatfield

Imogene Chauvin
Gail Austin Cheek
Mary Ann Cherepkai
Andrew and Pauline Cherry
Alex Chervenko
Marcilena Rose Chervenko
Bonnie Chestnut
John & Bonnie Chestnut
John & Mary Childress
Sgt. Kyle W. Childress
Rev. John Chironna, Jr.
Russell W. Chowning
Fred Christman
Michael Chumley
Steven Cieciura
Martha E. Clampitt
Mona Dees Clare
Martha Jean Claretto
Fran Bledsoe Clark
John Clark III
Rhonda Clark
Sandra Clark
Sue Clark

Rachael Dawn Clark
Tony Clark
Doris Foutz Clarkson
William Clarkson
D. Jo Ann Clary
William M. Clary
Jimmy Claus
Louise Scott Claycomb
Eva Elaine Cash Clayton
John J. Cleary, Jr.
Robert Dale Cleghorn
Bettina "Tina" Clem
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Clement, Sr.
Florence K. Clery
Alberta 'Bertie' Grabbe Clifford
Donald L. Clifford
Nyoka Kay Clifford
Joan E. Cline
Lewis Cline
John Clingerman
Dr. Robert G. Clouse

Coakley Family
Katy Cobb
Jenny Cockrell
Dina Cocozzoli
Wilma Rose Coffey
Wanda Bruer Coffin
Nelson Cohen
Gladys Daugherty Coffenberry
Ann Coleman
Judy Coleman
Jacquelyn Mae Collett
Helen Collins
Barbara Collins Colvin
Lorna Ann Collins
Abbie Jane Combs

Pat Comer
Richard A. Comer, Sr.
Norman Conats
Dick Conley
Elaine Conley
Loretta Conley
Robert & Yvonne Connelly
Dr. Donald W. Conner, Jr.
Henry Conrad
John Conrad
Richard Conrad

Dennis Conrady
Frances Cook
Michael Cook
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cooper

Michael Cooper
Bruce Copeland

John Copra
Abraham Corey
Kirk Hale Corthum

Ronald Corthum
Robert L. Cottingham
Virginia Cotton
Naylor "Champ" Coughlin
Tom Coughlin
Lee Coulson
Lee Allan Coulson

Mary Alice Mann Coulson
Walker & Loe Covey
Deborah Cowell
Dave Cox
Doris L. Cox
Erna L. Cox
Haskell Cox
Henry Cox
James C. Cox
James E. Cox
John Rogers Cox
Juanita Cox
Phyllis Cox
Theodore Cox
Frank P. Crawford, Sr.
Margaret Crawford

Terry Ann Turner Crawford
Brooklyn Jo Crawley
Laney Rose Crawley
Creager Family
John H. Creasey
Corey J. Creason
Woodrow Wilson Creason
Brent L. Crichfield
Zachary Critchlow
June Cripe
Anna Criss
Charles Crist
Hannah G. Crist
Susan Crittenden
Dr. Wayne Crockett
John Crooks
Karen Crooks-Alumbaugh
Benjamin Allen Crowder
Doris Elizabeth Broderick Crowder
Elizabeth Crowder
Dorothy Crumrin
Ronald Crumrin
Roy Crumrin
Zim Cruse
Wanda Cummings
Tracey Cummins
Hugh Cummins
Ruth Bennett Anderson Cundiff
Bud Cunningham
Donna M. Curley
Glenn E. Currie
Kathryn Ellen Curtis
Uleda Cutsinger
Julie Cutter
Lucy D. Cutts



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